Employees 100 Founded 1960 Favourite colour Red

Do What You Love. Always be
Curious in Life. Don't Take it too Seriously.

We Reach for the Stars, With Both Feet on the Ground.

Here at our spacious office, Roberto, our barista and chef, looks after us when we are hungry or want to enjoy a coffee in our art-filled bistro.

We believe in Our People and the Energy of Our Culture. Since 1960.

Karsten Design
Anna Project Management
Frank Account Management
Nadine Account Management
Wilfried Human Resources
Maxi Design
Eva Human Resources
Rainer Project Management
Frederik Creative

Our Management Team

Christian, our Chief Executive Officer, and the management team are here just as often as our colleagues from strategy, creative and design, project and account management, accounting and controlling, IT and HR.

Trust us. There’s More to Cologne Than just a Really Big Cathedral.

We love Cologne for its inspiring cultural landscape and its beautiful people who are well known for their liberalism and joie de vivre. Here is where our heart beats. Oh, and do not forget the must-experience carnival, we love this too!

Some Moments We Love

Want to Say Hello?

If you have a collaboration request, ideas to share or just want to say 'Hi', please contact us. We'd be happy to hear from you!

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Uniplan Cologne
Schanzenstrasse 39 a/b
51063 Cologne
T +49 221 845 69 0

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Press Enquiries
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