Jonathon Golshir

Project Management

Uniplan Atlanta

Uniplan US Inc.
7545 Hartman Industrial Way
Austell GA 30168

T +1 404.9 21 33 41
F +1 404.9 21 99 41

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  • Our favorite means of transport

    A necessity for survival. Without our cars, we can’t get from A to B here…

  • American sports

    This is how we enjoy our free time and cheer on our favorite teams. Go Falcons, go!

  • Above the clouds...

    With the world’s largest airport, it is possible to go almost anywhere in the world from Atlanta.

  • Five

    things we can't live without.

  • Piedmont Park

    A green oasis in the middle of the city with a fantastic view of the Atlanta skyline.

  • Small, delicious sins

    For us, homemade or store-bought muffins are an ideal pick-me-up between meals.