Kristijan Duspara

Director Account Management

Uniplan Switzerland AG

Birsstrasse 320
4052 Basel, Switzerland

T +41 (0) 61.7 26 95 - 55
F +41 (0) 61.7 26 95 - 59

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  • The Rhein Swim

    36° and it’s going to get hotter. But it won’t bother us, because we’re going to be swimming in the Rhine at lunch.

  • Basler Fasnacht

    Morgestraich, forward march! "The three most beautiful days" are just as much a part of Basel as they are of Uniplan.

  • Canteen - coffee

    Those who think that canteen coffee can’t possibly taste good, must come try it at Uniplan.

  • Five

    things we can't live without.

  • Lifts in St. Jakob’s tower

    If it comes, then everyone gets inside... because who knows when it’ll come again.

  • View of the football stadium

    When FC Basel plays, Uniplaners are hanging over the rails with excitement.