Christian Zimmermann

Group CEO

Uniplan GmbH & Co. KG

Schanzenstr. 39 a/b 
51063 Cologne, Germany

T +49 (0) 221.8 45 69 - 0
F +49 (0) 221.8 45 69 - 200

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  • Refreshing Kölsch beer

    It always goes down easy – and it tastes particularly good in traditional neighbourhood Cologne pubs.

  • Transformation and Wilhelminian style

    Entertainment culture Mecca! The former E-Werk – here we have a legendary fireworks display at closing time.

  • Roberto's Bistro

    What would we do without our daily Latte Macchiato from our favourite Italian? And what would he do without us?

  • Five

    things we can't live without.

  • Carnival with clown noses

    As usual, every year we squeeze into our costumes and the party starts! And we dance the night through to the next day.

  • Multiculturism in Cologne-Mülheim

    The day can only begin properly after a quick chat at a Turkish kiosk.