Julia Meyer

Director Hamburg Office

Uniplan GmbH & Co. KG

Schaartor 1
20459 Hamburg, Germany

T +49 (0) 40.1 80 43 60 - 40
F +49 (0) 40.1 80 43 60 - 444

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  • Our sun-deck

    Towards the sun. A good motto. Our spacious sun-deck ensures we’re always ready for the sun’s rays.

  • We like it sporty

    Whether it’s running upstairs or jogging round the Alster, we like to keep fit.

  • Alster and Elbe

    What would Hamburg be without water? We enjoy the best view: Our office is located at the confluence of the Alster and the Elbe.

  • Five

    things we can't live without.

  • Wind

    It’s often windy here in the north. That’s fine, we reckon – because the wind makes us feel at home.

  • Hamburg, my jewel

    The “Michel” (St Michael’s Church) is the trademark of the Hanseatic city we love, and it provides us with a fantastic view of the whole of Hamburg over and over again.