Managing Director
Kristijan Duspara

Take Responsibility for the Situation. I Believe in the Powerful Team Around Me. I Believe in Perfect Implementation. I Believe in Forcing Luck.


Kristijan has been working for Uniplan for 20 years now. He came from Novartis, where he was responsible for various projects within the Procurement Department. At Uniplan, he began his career as Junior Project Manager and, since then, has realised a number of different projects. In 2017, Kristijan became Managing Director at Uniplan in Switzerland and has been running the Basel office ever since. He is responsible for the Customer Support area and for the realisation of all projects. His clients include Biogen, Kuhn Rikon, Mazda Schweiz, Rolex and many more. Kristijan prefers to spend his free time doing sports or with his children. And should you ever invite him to karaoke: try Michael Jackson.

My Superpower

Convince people and create trust.

Fun Facts
Berlin or New York?

New York.

A habit that I would gladly get rid of (if only I could):

Asking too many questions.

A film that you absolutely have to see: