Employees 80 Founded 1994 Favourite Hobby Collecting Awards

Never give up! We will always better the latest practice.

No pain, no gain.

We are one of the few international agencies in Beijing that can provide full-service client support, including design, build and event operation.  We are proud of providing production and project management services, and demonstrating that our delivery achieves world-class standard.

Laughter, trust, dumplings (jiǎo zi).

We are young and passionate. Teambuilding is just as much as part of our aims as winning over clients with our ideas and solutions, enjoying time together celebrating or just having dumplings for a bite to eat.

Patrick Operations
Annette Operations
Allen Project Management
Mark Operations
Craig Operations
Doreen Human Resources
Candice Event Management
David Creative
David Operations

Gordon, Managing Director

Gordon brings unique insights of China’s automotive and event industry, he has strong leadership skills for developing and growing our team in Beijing.

Beijing – constantly reinventing itself as it races towards the future.

We are in the central business district of Beijing, a super-busy area. We can see many dreams here and feel the change every day. The newest things happen here. It is the real centre of Beijing. And we have a funky office with a lot of space for creativity, just mingling with colleagues and a lot of sunshine. The capital of China, Beijing is well known as the centre of culture. Chinese cultures old and new, Western cultures, history and fashion are all mixed well here. One of the many special sights is the traffic jam from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

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