Digitalization‘s Health Implications

Mental Health in Times of Home Office Solutions Within a very short space of of time, our working world has been turned upside down by the corona-pandemic. The consequence has been a switch to home office solutions and thus a radical digitalization. At this year’s Unternehmerforum, Barmer highlighted the health-related aspects of this switchover in their study "Social health@Work" in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen. Together with Grey Germany, Uniplan created a hybrid event concept that not only met the local requirements of hygiene standards but also was available to the general public via live stream.

The New Flexibility

Due to the exceptional circumstances the annual business customer event, previously a roadshow, has been implemented as a Covid 19-compliant hybrid event for the first time. In addition to the event in Münster at Speicher 10, the programme was also streamed online. Through the integration of live polling and virtual Q&A, both visitors and online  participants had the opportunity to actively participate in the event. With this best-of-breed solution Uniplan has thus succeeded once again in creating an unique brand experience

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